Cryptic Fiction

Welcome to Cryptic Fiction. I created this site because I believe that the art of the story is fading.

For centuries tale-smiths passed down our history and inspired us, creating new worlds that excite our imaginations and explore our humanity.

It's why I write, and I thank you for giving me an opportunity to reach out to you through my first love, the written word.

God Killer​​​

Orrin had never seen such carnage, nor had he been in the presence of the god’s. Yet now he had seen both in the space of one day. Even now the dust hung thick in the air, a fog that covered the temple in a misty haze as people wept, scattered like lost sheep looking for a shepherd. There was a great seam in the ceiling above, a remnant of the fall of Zeus and Hades from Mount Olympus. As with lightening and fire they struck one another with blows that could fell a hundred mortals.

They cursed one another, and spoke not in Greek or Latin, but another language, one that Orrin did not know. Yet more, it was a language that shattered his sanity as it assaulted the air around him. Old men and women ran in madness, children cowered in terror, and even strong youth screamed as the immortals moved with godlike ferocity and grace.

Zeus stopped once, and stared directly into Orrin’s eyes. They were cold eyes, eyes that did not see Orrin as a man, but as a thing to be toyed with for amusement. At that moment Orrin hated the god’s, even as he cradled his beloved Penelope in his arms, and wept bitter tears as he watched her light go out forever.

As he walked the ruins, Orrin knew his mind. First, he would see Penelope burned in the cleansing fire of their ancestors. Then Orrin would seek revenge on all the gods. It was going to take a god to kill a god, and Orrin knew that the only place he could make that transformation was on the isle of Apotheosis, the home of Labrys, the god killer…